Sunday, August 09, 2009

stashbusting report week 32

First don't forget the giveaway in this post still running till wednesday. I am giving away a jellyroll and that is always nice to have in the house for future quilts.

Than the report. Well it is a very good one for me. I have used a backing, 2 bindings and two jellyrolls. One jellyroll for the give away and one as a present for my mother's birthday. That is 13 meters in total. Not bad at all and another big bust is going to happen next week, but I have a big problem as Gobble Gobble is really tempting me to buy it. I am not sure if I can keep it in the store for much longer.

Fabric in week 32: 0 meter
Fabric in 2009: 77.45 meter

Fabric out in week 32: 13 meter
Fabric out 2009: 83.10 meter


Vicki said...

I know the feeling our local quilt store is having a $4 a yard sale. The store is about 6 houses from my house. Sigh, I really have what I need.

Krekeltje said...

oooh I think Gobble-Gobble just payed me a visit yesterday, when I was in search of fabric for a friend I ended up with 8 yards of fabric coming my way, heavy sigh.