Wednesday, November 25, 2009

SSCS and more

Well my sscs gift is send and here is the pic of it.

LOL that is all I will be showing of it till after christmas. Loved working on the gift.

I decided to partipate in Bonnie's next mysterie, the carolina christmas. I already picked out my fabrics, very scrappy, had big problems finding the right colors gold and big enough pieces. Looking forward to see how it will look like when finished.
Than I am also busy with the november schnibbles, which I only have to add the sashings too and the border, won't do it according to the pattern. A pic of the finished top will follow later this week.


Chookyblue...... said...

good to knwo the SSCS is all gone off on the fabrics you have picked for the mystery......

DAWNIE said...

Ah Huh - Judith - I have found you.
Your parcel has arrived today and I couldnt wait to open it, alhough it has been re-wrapped by the post office to keep it to together. I was sooooooo excited when I opened the Ornament - so exquisite sewing - just love the bunnies and the tree. I will do a pic of this and pop on my post. Thank you so much - you couldnt have picked a better day for it to arrive, as I have a very sick cat at the vets, so it really did cheer me - cant wait to open the other two pressies - but am going to be good - it is under the tree - thank you again. You have been a real mystery to find!!!! DAwnie