Saturday, November 28, 2009

stashbusting report week 48

Don't forget about my give away.

It was not a bad week, but also not a good week. Fabric went out and fabric came in.
First what came in. It were charmpacks from Old Primrose Inn and some yardage and some yardage for binding on a quilt I will be making one day LOL.

Also I received a prize I one with the year of schnibbles, now my question is do you also count the fabric you win or get as a gift?

Than Fabric went out also. I have busted 8 yards for the Carolina Christmas mysterie from Bonnie, already started the quilt and like it so far.

It looks like I will stay in the positive numbers till the end of the year.

Fabric in week 48: 4.45 meter

Fabric out week 48: 7.20 meter

Fabric in 2009: 138.20 meter

Fabric out 2009: 141.50 meter

Fabric busted in 2009: 3.30 meter


Tamera said...

I don't think you should have to count the fabric that you won. Congratulations! and enjoy the fabric.

Dani - tkdchick said...

LOL that is too funny! Are you running out of room for your fabric???

omashee aka Barb said...

Definitely don't count the fabric you won!!
You've inspired me to start stashbusting as a new years project. Now may I ask, is Schnibbles a SAL you are doing with a group? May I join? They are so lovely!

Anonymous said...

Hi Judith,

Sorry, but I think you should count the fabric that you won. 1st you put it in your stash (I'm sure you will call it busted when you used it!), 2nd you also counted your own give away for busted stash. Ah, am I the stashbusting quilt police here or what? LOL.