Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Quilting and stitching goals

Quilty goals for 2008:
1. Finish the big star mysterie "Lentekriebels" at least the top, the quilting will take some time as it is very very big. - Top done, quilting is almost finished
2. Finish Journey of a quilter top or also quilt. - LOL this is not done at all. I am now stitching on the third block, but all the blocks are pieced, so that is nice
3. Finish Cat's Paw quilt top or also quilt - Top done and quilted, only binding to do
4. Work on my other quilt wips. - Did do that and started a few new ones
5. Doing some quilty exchanges like the fourseasons ones and maybe something like the secret santa exchange. Did do that too
Stitchy Goals for 2008:
1. Enjoying some more exchanges, but less than 2007. Yes done
2. Stay on track with the quilting and also with the stitching Round Robin With the stitching one I am totally finished even made two more blocks with the quilting one I am not on track at all, but hope to finish the last one in January
3. Finish NHA done
4. I wanted to write now Finish Little red riding hood, but well that seems a bit to much, but I want to finish 20 pages, which comes to 1 page per two weeks. Than there are in the end only 20 pages left to do, so it will be surly finished in 2009. By the way I have choosen the big print of the chart as that is a bit easier to do. Did do 9 pages
5. Maybe when I have time left stitch some things for myself. :-(

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