Sunday, March 08, 2009

Stashreport week 10

Well it was a very good week for using stash. I have now a lot more time on my hands now my stitching is finished on EGS (In an hour I will see it framed when my parents arrive). I have been working on a big rr and as I am ready with pulling fabrics for it from my stash it can now go in to my stashreport. It used up 3 meters, so that is great. Than I made the monochromatic quilt which used up half a meter and made 2 12 inch blocks and the middle for the spring fling round robin which used up also hal a meter.
But well also there came in some fabrics. A long awaited package from the fattquarted shop from the fig and plum collection for a little quilt (some yardage and 2 charmpacks), I also received some stash at my birthday which I am going to use off course. Which is also included, but from what I received I also used some already, isn't that great.

Week 10
Fabric in: 5.30 meter
Fabric out: 4 meter

Fabric in: 20.85 meter
Fabric out: 13 meter

(Plans for next week are there already, as I have to make a gift for the quilting retreat next weekend)

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Scrappy-Quilter said...

great report - glad you were able to finish the stitching project to allow you to quilt more.