Sunday, October 15, 2006

50 completed projects challenge

The 50 projects I want to finish are:
1. Scissorfob exchange
2. Yvonnequilt
3. Babyquilt for Ypie
4. Take time to Quilt - Spring - JD
5. celtic challenge - Sweetheart tree
6. Backpack
7. Christmas stocking
8. Snowman brown
9. Tom mouse- Butterfly chase
10. Noel ornament - Workbasket
11. Block 19 of NHA
12. Garbage bag pincushion for my mother
13. Garbage bag pincushion for me
14. Block 25 of NHA
15. It's Summertimequilt
16. Block 20 of NHA
17. Minkeequilt
18. pine needleroll
19. Winter snapperland - Bent Creek
20. exchange piece
21. exchange piece
22. Harvest time quilt
23. House exchange
24. Birthday exchange
Quilt for Job
Catnip Kitty Fob - Sweetheart tree
Alphabeth Wreath - JBW designs
Apple Orchard - JBW designs
A Rocky Mountain Christmas - JD
Cape May street New Jersey - Debbie Patrick
Think of me - Elizabeth designs
Dragon's by the fire - Black Swan
Pacific Rim sampler - JD
The Four Seasons - Lorri Birmingham
Appalachian Spring-JD
Take time to Quilt - Autumn - JD
Take time to quilt - Winter - JD
Tour des Marques - Silver Lining
Big Mysterie 1 quilt
A new England Autumn - Jeannette Douglas
Christmas quilt
Lady of Shalott - Teresa Wentzler
Summer snapperland - Bent Creek
Ladybugs and Bumblebees - Country Cottage Needleworks
Great Lakes Lowland Sampler - JD
Take time to quilt - Summer - JD
If I could be a snowman - Lavender Wings
20 flowers - Just Nan
Fleur de Lys Sampler - JD
Toccata Number one - Drawn Thread
Dreamer's High - Lavender Wings
Beargrass Roll - Columbine designs
Learning to count - JBW
Take time to Garden - JD
Garden Wisdom "Sweet Nothings" - JBW
Atlantic Seaboard sampler - JD
Noah's Ark - JBW
Summer at the Ocean - JD
"A Single Rose" Sweet Nothings - JBW designs


Ruth said...

Good luck with your projects.

Hedgehog said...

Holy Moly that's a list! Can't wait to see pictures of them all on your blog!!

quiltpixie said...

I'd be soooo overcome with such a list! I hope to see lots of "completions" in the coming months :-)

ForestJane said...

Wow, that long of a list looks daunting to me too!

What's a RAK? UFO and WIP I understand... lol

Mary said...

Wow, that's a long list of projects. I'm also concentrating on UFO's this year and have completed 10 so far. I've also gotten a lot more UFO's to the finished top stage. My goal is that for every new quilting project I start - that I finish at least 2 other ones. Of course, I don't count my knitting in that but maybe I should.

Wendy said...

Wow, that's a huge list of things you want to do. I'm afraid to make such a list, I think it would be even longer. But I do admire your resolve to stick with the 50 projects!

Shelleen said...

good luck meeting the goals

AnneS said...

Good luck with the challenge - isn't it great seeing them being ticked off as they get finished? :D