Friday, October 06, 2006

Bought to much fabric :-)

I am at my parents at the moment, so I am reading only a bit of the blogs, no responding as my dad's internetconnection isn't very stable.
Yesterday I was at the quiltshop in Den Bosch for the meeting of the last part of the mysteriequilt and boy I saw some nice quilts that were a lot further than me. I intend to go to the shop also on the december 2 as there is time to sandwich your mysteriequilt in the shop than. Than there will be 4 finished mysteries and one of them is almost the same colors as mine and it looks now already great.
Now about the fabricshopping. (Pictures will follow later this weekend, when I am home) I had to buy fabric for the backside of a new babayquilt my mother made and found some nice fabric for it.
I have to make a quilt for the new baby of my colleague wihich will be born in december and I found some perfect fabric for it with frogs and nice colors. I think it will be a cutted ninepatch (don't know the english name and this is a translation from dutch). It will be around 140 cm (55 inches) square, so it will be a quilt to play on and later you can use it on his or her bed.
Than I saw the fabric kits for the next mysterie and they looked great too, so with three ladies we have made a nice kit for mine and the 17th I will get the first part of the new mysterie.
Today I will go shopping with my mother for fabric for my nephew his new bog bed. We are thinking of making it also a cutted ninepatch. My mother will make the ninepatches. My father will cut them in 4 and I will make the top and after that my mother will do the quilting.


Hedgehog said...

Sounds like a great family effort - how cool!!

Mary said...

I haven't done a mystery quilt before but it sounds like they are popular there. I like working on quilts with my Mom too. We worked on my son's wedding quilt just recently.

Susan said...

It sounds as if you are having a wonderful visit, plus a wonderful quilting experience. There's no such thing as too much fabric. =)