Friday, October 20, 2006

Waalre was great

My mother and me had a great day at Waalre. I have seen some beautifull quilts in Waalre. Also the big mysteriequilt finished by the shopowner and it looks really great, but I was amazed at how difficult it looks. I will be so proud when it is finished.
Also I received the first part of the next quilt at home and I am looking forward to seeing what to do for that one.
Also I have another goal finished. It is the top of the quilt for my nephew which I am doing together with my mother. Now just have to discuss which one will quilt it.
I only bought one spool of thread and some glue, but that is all. So I am doing great on the no stash shopping and I saw some beautifull things. LOL my mother has bought a lot more :-).
Pics will follow tomorrow as soon as I am home.

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