Saturday, January 02, 2010

A finished little top

Quilts are keeping me busy these days. First on the last day of the year I have worked on this little quilt. It is for the baby of my colleague. Just have to quilt it, but don't ave the right color in my stash. Will have to go and shop next weekend, just have to decide to which store I will go. To Amsterdam where there are two shops next to eachother and I am sure I will find the right color or I can go to a shop closer where they have some demonstrations of Husqvarna sewing machines and also nice offers or I can do both as the demonstrations of Husqvarna are o
n friday and saturday and I have the friday also off from work and go to Amsterdam on saturday. Will really have to think about that.
Yesterday we got the schnibbles for january and it is Madeline, one of the newer ones and I am already very busy cutting as you can see. I am doing it will old primrose inn. Hope to do some more on it today, but not sure if I will feel up to it.
Also really have been busy with trying to decided how to quilt 40T and Gobble Gobble. Gobble Gobble will be quilted with leaves, 40 T I am not sure yet.


Merel said...

I would choose Amsterdam if I were you ;-)

Always welcome, no problem to make an appointment if opening hours don't suite you!

Groetjes, Merel

Dianne said...

Your Madeline is going to be gorgeous in those Old Primrose fabrics! I'm really unoriginal and mine will be in Rouenneries...I've even caught myself looking at the cover to see which fabric "goes" where!!!

stitchinfiend said...

Love the colours of the quilt for the baby and your Schnibbles will look lovely in those colours.