Sunday, January 10, 2010

stashreport january 3 till 9 january

Well I used a backing and that is all. Nothing in, but there is a fqbundle on it's way.

Fabric in: 0 meter
Fabric out: 5 meter

Fabric in 2010: 3.10 meter
Fabric out 2010: 7.55 meter

Fabric used in 2010: 4.45 meter


Amy said...

Good job getting the backing used. Not to worry - you'll put that fqbundle to good use!

Penny said...

Well, fabric is fabric and if it is used as a backing, it is still used. Way to go. We won't think about the stuff that is on its way. That is for another week.

Margeeth said...

Klopt het dat je nu meer stash hebt gebust dan in heel 2009?
Tap, tap.