Sunday, January 02, 2011

Goals for 2011

1. Finish at least 4 sewing projects for myself
2. Finish Long Story
3. Finish my Round Robin
4. Finish Stepping Stones
5. Work on tisket a tasket
6. Work on Journey of a quilter (think of making this a challenge for me)
7. Work on SBS
8. Finish Summer Rental
9. Finish my hexagonquilttop
10. Finish 12 pages of St Nick in his study
11. Do some other stitching projects too
12. Start another Miss Rosie quilt (a big one)
13. Do some more schnibbles
14. Try more new recipes


inge said...

veel succes, maar met jouw productiesnelheid zal dat wel lukken!

Hilde said...

Ik voeg er nog eentje aan toe: naar Hoppequiltersbee gaan !

Margeeth said...

Ambitieus hoor!