Friday, February 03, 2006

Haad a nice day!!

Yesterday I went to Den Bosch to the quiltstore to meet other people making the same mysteriequilt and they looked great. It was nice to see that how a block looks totally different when it is made with other colors. I like the blue blakground (green is my background color) with yellow and orange colors as the headcolor (rose for me) also a lot and one with red and purple.
Now I have to go and do the rest of the blocks. I think I will do a lot on it sunday.
The 31st of january I have stitched on the march stamp-it and I had some nice progress.
I just had to stop, because the 5th part of MTM came in the e-mail and I want to have it finished before the olympics begins as I have two challenges to stitch than.
I started MTM wednesday and you can see I had some nice progress. I have to say those are big corners and I do them one by one. This is the first corner.
I am reading the first part of Harry Potter at the moment and I really love it. I am already more than half way in it. I have read in the train yesterday and today and I was in the train for 5 hours, so enough time to read it. I think it will be maybe finished next week.
Now it is time to go stitching on MTM again.

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1 comment:

Carol said...

Hi Judi - What fabric are you using for MTM? I love it! I bought the kit from ECS and my fabric is white. I hope to get started on Part 5 in a day or two, but want to finish Part 2 of Mystery IX first (should get that done tonight) - love your progress so far!!