Sunday, February 05, 2006

Have been patching today and some stitching on Medeval Town Mandala

Yesterday I finished the gold on this first ccorner of MTM.

I started the specialty stitches and today I finished the rest of the first corner and started the second. I don;t think I will finish it before friday and friday I have to start two others for the olypic challenge in one of my groups. We have to start a piece during the opening ceremony and finish it while the olypics are still there. I chose two small pieces that I already wanted to stitch for awhile, both from sheperd's bush. I think I will take one with me saturday when we have a concours hippique where I have to watch the result and the computer the whole day. It is an easy job, so I think I will be able to stitch or read a bit. We have to be there 12 hours!!

I also worked on my mysteriequilt and from the 22 times I had to do one of blocks I did it now 12 times, so still 10 to go, but they are all cut in squares and triangles already, so only the sewing is left to do. I hope to finish them tuesday when I have a half day off fro work. Than I can start part 2.


Carol said...

Oooo, congratulations on finishing your first corner :-) I finally got started on mine tonight. I really love your fabric - so much nicer than the white!! I wish it were not too late to turn back now and use that fabric instead of the white - LOL

Jenn said...

oohhh the colors in this months section are beautiful! I can't wait to see your next scan.

Heather said...

MTM looks stunning. Well done.