Tuesday, February 21, 2006

update trickortreat box

Here us an update of the box. I did do a lot this past days. I finished the stitching on part A (left part) and I started part B (middle one). I finished that part this morning and am now busy with side C, so I will update the pic tonight or tomorrow morning. I now have a good feeling about this one and I am trying to get it finished (the stitching) this week.

Also I got a lovely present from Carol in the mail yesterday. A tacky bob.

Than I opned the package from Mardeen and I just love the little present she gave me as I am a quilter and a catlover.

Than I opened the package from renae who send me gorgeous gifts as well.

1 comment:

Carol said...

Hi Judi - Glad you received the Tacky BOB for your birthday - I hope you like it, it makes beading quick and easy :-)

Loeve your Trick or Treat Box - soooo cute!!!

Lovely gifts all around!