Saturday, June 24, 2006

2 finishes

Yesterday I had a workshop at the quilterij in Den Bosch. It was a little midsummernight mysteriequilt and here you can see the result of it. I really love it. When my mother has finished her I will also let you guys see that one as it is totally different than mine. We were with 8 woman and the teacher and all 9 were totally different. It was nice again to do a little workshop together with my mother.

Yesterday I first went to meet with Jacqueline and give her the Gerardquilt to finish the last two blocks. I am sure she will make some nice knots on it.

Today when I arrived home around 1 pm I started to get the may stamp-it finished and so I did just a few minutes ago. Now I will go and work on Victoria City sampler or Purr-turbed, just have to see which one calls the loudest.

Today I also find a nice one to stitch for the scissorfob exchange on rotationstitchers bb and I am almost sure that she will like it. I think I will start it sometime this week or next week.


Singular Stitches said...

The quilt is just gorgeous!! How nice, a Mum-Daughter class. That's always fun!

Barbara said...

Oh, that mystery quilt is wonderful!!! And taking a class like that with your mother sounds so fun.

Liesbeth said...

Hoi Judith,

Ik heb net weer een stuk in je blog gelezen en gekeken. MTM wordt steeds mooier. Zo te zien bijna klaar of de hoeken moeten nog erg veel werk zijn.
Tot een volgende keer weer

Karen's Blog said...

What a lovely quilt. The class sound slike heaps of fun too:)