Thursday, June 08, 2006

A lot of updates

I know I am not much around these last days, but life gets in the way a lot these days. First I wanted to show a pic of the finished Anitaquilt. Hermie, a woman from a dutch quilting group I am on, has quilted it and did that so fast, I am really amazed by her speed.

And here a detail

Than I wanted to show a pic of MTM part 9 how far I am. Not really far, but I didn;t do a lot of stitching these last days. I have been busy with patchwork and reading. I think this part stitches up nice, but I already discovered I like those left and right sides the best as it is more in the line of my stitching as I stitch from left to right.

Than I wanted to show how far I came with Animal shelf.

Than in the weekend I have been stitching a lot on Purr-Turbed as I have to get this one finished before the 1st of August and so far I only stitched on it on the go. So I am guessing it will take a while before it is finished. His little legs are now almost done and than on to the rest of his cute body.

Also I have been patchworking on the new mysteriequilt "It's Summertime". I love this little boat and have to make it another 17 times. More pics will follow from this time tomorrow or sunday.

Tomorrow I will have to go to the dentist again and so I am already on medication and hope it will help this time. I have to take some more than last time.

Saturday we have to pic up my brother from the airport before we go to my parents. He flew away yesterday morning to Chicago for his work. I really love him as he called me if I needed any DMC from Michaels as in the USA the DMC is very cheap compared to here. But as he already brought a lot last time in December I didn't need anything as of yet. His plane will land early in the morning, but we live very close to Schiphol/Amsterdam, so we only have to drive for 30 minutes to pic him up and than drive to my parents to have a familyreunion and after that a bbq as my dad has his birthday saturday.

Here is a pic of another comfortquilt. The quilt is done by Annelies.


Shelleen said...

All of your stitching looks great.

The Dragon said...

Wow no wonder you haven't been posting much - you have been spending all your time stitching!

As wonderful as ever Judith :-)

The Dragon

Carol said...

What a gorgeous quilt Judi!! Wow!

Lori said...

You have done some beautiful work! Really enjoyed looking. Thank you for sharing.