Sunday, June 11, 2006

Update MTM and Can it be the nerves?

Here is a pic of MTM. This is how much I stitched on it friday and today till ow. I still have a evening left to stitch, so Hope to start the big house in the middle now.

Also here is what I have done for the summertime mysteriequilt. I still have to make a lot of sailships, but probaly will do them in the next days. There are 80 cut squares in this pic and 6 cut triangles which we will use in another part.

LOL I think so that that it is why I forget to tell about the dutch stitch together where I did a little workshop. The get together was very nice and we have a lot of fun and a lot of people carried a lot of WIP's and UFO's and finished things with them and I loved everything. Also after some thinking I decided to do the Rainforest afghan as a quilt, so I will make the blocks seperately and finish them in a nice quilt, which won't be impossible to do for me. I just can't see me stitching again on the same afghan fabric and I only would be able to stitch it when it is cold, not like now when it is hot. Nature's Home Afghan is laying still again.
The workshop went great and I think everyone loved it. I am really thinking of doing another workshop soon.

I was so happy that everything went ok at the dentist that I really had some good nights sleep after it. The dentist was even surprised as to how relaxed I was. Lucky for me that day wasn't that hot yet. Yesterday we had the familyreunion and boy that was hot, above 30 celsius. First we had to pic up my brother from the airport. We were a bit late, but nothing to worry about. First we went to his home so he could take a shower and refresh himself after such a long flight. Than we went to Nijmegen to meet the whole family of my mother, we were with 37 people. We had a nice walkingtrip through Nijmegen and than we went on a boat were they served pancakes. I am sure the kids loved it, only my little nephew was sick, but he even was a bit happy sometimes. As my father had his birthday we had a nice bbq later that evening just with the 6 of us. My brother just didn't had time to get a present and I forgot to bring it. So he will get his present next sunday when we see eachother again.


Annemarie said...

Ooh, you're stitching MTM too! It looks so good! Love the quilts as well. Boy, you must be a patient lady: quilts and Chatelaine designs... It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend with the family. I agree with you, though. It's WAY too hot!

Vikki said...

Judith, I finally got a minute to look thru your blog. Love all the progress on MTM and all of the quilting you have done is absolutely gorgeous. I am truely envious of the wonderful work you do with the quilting. I would love to learn quilting. That will have to wait until the kids are out of the house. There is no way I can add one more craft and still have room to sleep and eat. Keep up the great progress.