Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Just some talk

Today I got the second part of the summermysterie and it will be nice for sure. Now we are going to make 24 windmills, and we have to cut a lot of parts for all of them. Hope to work on it next weekend.
Today I have been working on the Gerardquilt and got 1/3 of the blocks quilted. I hope to have some more time tomorrow in the afternoon. I relly want to get this one done this month as I have than made my deadline of 3 months. I am doing the blocks by machine, only the celtic knots by hand and I have to say it looks great. My machine is still working great. I really love it.


Von said...

So glad that sewing machine is doing everything you want!!

Barbara said...

Your sewing machine sounds so wonderful - how great!!