Sunday, March 20, 2011

stashbusting week 11

Sometimes you have a good stashbustingreport, sometimes a bad one. For me it is this week a very good one. I have busted 10 meter of backings and bindings for Eventide and Stepping Stones. I just was looking in my excel file and I have only  bought fabric in week 1 and 5, so I must say I am a bit proud of myself.

Soms heb je veel stof in een week gebruikt, soms weinig. Nou deze week is die hele goed week voor mij. 10 meter stof gebruikt voor 2 achterkanten en 2 biezen voor Eventide en Stepping Stones.

Fabric in 2011: 7 meter
Fabric out 2011: 27.70 meter
Fabric busted/verbruikt in 2011: 20.70 meter :-)))


Sylvia said...

Yay, congrats on a good week! I don't usually have big enough pieces for backings so I always end up having to buy more fabric!

Charlene S said...

Great numbers! You must have needed fabric in weeks 1 & 5. Your cats sure looks comfortable on that quilt.