Saturday, May 13, 2006

And again MTM

I hope part 8 will be finished soon as I really feel the need to work on something else by now. Also again there are mistakes in the chart. The door in the house next to the middle house has to be stitched with SNC 161 and the little tower above the house with the glittery roof on the right side isn;t on the chart on the left side, but has to be there too.
Today I have decided to not go quilting or sewing, but just go working some more on MTM. Hope I will come a long way and will finish the stitching on the left side too, but we will see what happens.
Tomorrow I am hoping to work on part 7 of the mysteriequilt and maybe finish it. Than monday and maybe also tomorrow I will be working on colonial garden.

1 comment:

Carol said...

Why rush? YOu are already stitching at the speed of light on MTM.... why can't I get over the fact that your stitching makes me feel like a turtle??