Saturday, May 20, 2006

Been a bad girl

I have been a bad girl today stitchingwise. I started two new projects and I love them both. Links to the pics of them are both in my sidebar above their progress bars. I have started one Sunset design called Animal shelf, it is for my nephew and as my father has fixed my stitchingstand I have it on that one and it goes great. Pic will follow tomorrow or later this week as I am to tired now to go downstairs and get a pic of it.
Also I started purr-turbed from Margaret Sherry for a comfort quilt. I just love those animal designs, but I discovered today that my DH hates them LOL. Finally something were we don;t have the same taste.
My leg is better, but still hurts sometimes. As I work in a hospital I will let one of our doctors look at it monday and when he says I have to go to my own doctor as it is serious I will go than. It is still a bit swollen.
Today we also went looking at the local garden shop to see how we are going to do our garden, but still not really an idea. I am thinking of stones and than here and than big flowerpots, but nothing is really in my mind yet.

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