Thursday, May 11, 2006


Yesterday evening John was working on the car from a coleague of mine and so I was home alone all evening. So I stitched, stitched and stitched. Now the right side of part 8 is finished. Today he will also be home late, so I will have another long stitching day a head of me, maybe I will finish the middle house.


Anonymous said...

Looks great Judith! I like when Philip is home late too sometimes, I get so much more done at home, LOL!
Stitching too!

The Dragon said...

Stunning Judith! it looks wonderful (how many more parts are there to go?), have you decided what you are doing with it when you have finished?

The Dragon

Shelleen said...

Looks great Judith! I love watching your progress on this.

Von said...

I love my dh's poker nights so I can feel free to stitch lots and watch a chick flick. :D