Sunday, May 14, 2006

A late birthday package and MTM!

So here a pic of MTM again. I decided to stitch also on it today to have it finished and than I will have half a month of rest from it to work on some other projects. I have still 2 weekends this month where we have nothing planned so enough time to work on my quilts. Yesterday I have done all the backstitching on this one and I am glad I did as it costs some more time on this part.

Also here are 2 presents I received for my birthday this week. I love the home sweet home chart from Elizaabeth designs, so will have to go and stitch that soon. The floss will find it's way in to designs for sure.

Also I decided that things like MTM or a mysterie for stitching doesn't work for me. I just have to devote every month some time in a design and can't choose myself what to do in that design next. I would have stitched MTM totally different. But I have to say I like doing the mysterie quilt as that will run me smoothly through a design. De quilterij will have a new mysterie starting in october this year and I think I will also sign up for that one. I am also thinking of doing this mysteriequilt another time in other colors, but you never know how everything will run. Also I decided to let someone quilt it with a longarm machine as it is so big and I don;t see myself doing it, but as I said you never know.

Now it is time to go downstairs and go stitching. As my parents are in France for a holiday I don't have to go and visit them for mother's day. And we don;t have much contact with my MIL, so we also don;t have to go there.

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