Thursday, May 25, 2006

Keep your fingers crossed!

This week have gone by pretty fast due to some things that happened as of thuesdaymorning. My Dh got a call from a tirecenter here in our city if he still wanted a job there and that there was a place avaiable for him. So he made an appointment for that late afternoon to come by and have jobinterview there. It went great, but they also asked another guy to come by and he would here later this week about it. Yesterdayevening the man called again and tomorrow he has another job interview there. I sure hope he will be going to work there as it will be really close at home. He now has to drive 35 milea to his work and 35 miles back to home and a lot of traffic jam and this new job will only be a 10 minutes ride with his bike. There will be only one big road between his and mine work than. So please all keep your fingers crossed that he will get the job.

Due to all of this I really couldn't get my mind to stitch. So I haven't done that much, but have stitched a bit on animal shelf. I am now more than 1/4 finished with it.


Barbara said...

I'll cross my fingers AND my toes for you husband's job! I would love to be able to bike to work!!

Barbara said...

I just read in the borduurlijst that your DH got the job - big, big congratulations!!

Anonymous said...

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