Sunday, May 28, 2006

Some progress..

Yesterday I have been quilting a lot. Here are some pics of the celtic knots on the Gerardquilt. The middle one I already quilted a few weeks ago. Also I have been stitching a lot these last days and here an updated pic of the animal shelf.Yesterday we got the new bikes and boy they ride pretty fantastic. We have done a ride of 15 km's and we didn't find it hard going against the strong wind.
Probaly I won't be much around this next week as I will be very busy on work and everything at home. I will be teaching a little class saturday and I have to do some things for it to make it run smooth.


The Dragon said...

Both are looking really good Judith.

I hope you leg is feeling better now - it sounds as though you really did a number on yourself with that :-(

The Dragon

Jenneke said...

How do you stitch that fast? Great progress.

Carol said...

The countdown is on to our next password now.... LOL!!