Thursday, May 18, 2006

I hate this day

And here is the promised pic of colonial garden.

I stitched this morning avit more on the garden bottom right and the crosstitches are now all finished. Now I am busy with the backstitching and than the specialty tree.

Today I am working on a little gift for a friend and when that is finished I will start and finish another gift. So no pics of that.

Today it was one of those worse days ever. First I hurted my leg very badly due to a door. The wind is blowing ver hard here and it got the door to slam me very hard on my achilles' tendon. There came a lot of blood from it and now it hurts very much when I am walking up the stairs. Hope it won't take as long as when I had it infected a few years back. That took a few months and it feels the same now.

Than the second thing that happened was that my pan on the stofe got fire in it. So I was stressed all over again. So this is a day to stay in bed.


Connie said...

Judith, sorry to hear that you have had such a bummer day! I hope tomorrow is better! Have you thought about having a doctor look at your achilles tendon to make sure it isn't torn? Hope it is feeling better very soon!

Carol said...

Your garden looks simply stunning :-)

KarenV said...

Lovely progress on your garden Judith.

I'm sorry you had such a bad day, hope today was better.

Karen's Blog said...

Judith, I'm sorry to hear you had a bad night's sleep. It's horrible to feel so tired. Your garden stitching is stunning!!

valda said...

Your garden is gorgeous!