Sunday, March 12, 2006

2 finishes and got rid of an quilt UFO!!

I have been busy quilting today. This are two charityquilts for two sisters, so that is why the fabrics look a like. I thought that was a nice idea. For the light version I already showed the top, but the dark version I finished the top friday and today I have done the quilting and binding on both.
So I have 3 goals finished now, on to the next one. The block of Nature's Home Afghan is also almost finished. Probaly a pic tomorrow.

About the UFO: I was quilting already very long on this one quilt. It will be a pillow when finished. But I couldn't do the quilting on it very long as after 10 stitches my hand would hurt terrible due to the stiff fabric and filling. Yesterday my parents were here and my mother asked if I had something to quilt for her nd I said yes I have that pillow still to finish, but my hand hurts when I work on that. So now my mother will finish the quilting and I only have to make it in a pillow when I get that back. I have the same kit in blue, but I will do that one by machine also the quilting.

I only stitched yesterday like 10 crosses, so no pic of Nature's Home Afghan.


Liesbeth said...

Wat is dat nou???? 10 kruisjes??? En dat voor smokey Judith?
Ach, ik heb gisteren 5 meter aan draadjes bruin geborduurd. Vandaag moeten het er meer worden (LOL)

Jenneke said...

great quilts! The two sisters will certainly love those cute pictures

inge said...

lovely quilts!

anneke said...

they're looking great Judith. Stitching one square is nice, but making a quilt from these squares is still a big job.
congratulations on both quilts.

The Dragon said...

These look really good Judith, and I'm sure the two sisters will love them.

The Dragon

vEr0n!c@ said...

Wow, they look great! The sisters will definitely appreciate all the hard work you've put into them.

Sew-in-Love said...

Oh those quilts are GREAT, Judith!


Barbara said...

Judith, the quilts are just gorgeous! The sisters are going to fall in love with them!!