Thursday, March 23, 2006

Still alive!!

Yes I know I have been very silent, but I had some hectic days and also sunday and monday I almost couldn;t sit behind the computer due to shoulder problems. Tuesday was already better, but to much on the tv. Yesterday just was to tired to sit long behind the computer, but today I am back. I always have to work for half a day on thursdays since a few months and I have to say I just love it. I have now always a very long weekend as I always have friday off too and I finally can rest enough in the weekends. Next weekend will even be longer as I will have also on monday off due to my quiltingretreat.
This weekend I hope to finish block 19 of Nature's Home Afghan. Also hope to do a lot on my mysteriequilt and maybe work on my autumnquilt too.


Carol said...

Welcome back!!! I hope your shoulder feels better soon :-(

Karen's Blog said...

Nice to hear from you Judith. I hope your shoulder is better very soon:)