Thursday, March 09, 2006

I am so proud of my mother

I just got a picture of this quilt. Am I a good teacher or what? She has done some small ones already, but this will be the quilt on their bed.
By the way she is smokey the second as she made this one in two weeks. It was done together with my dad who did cut all the fabrics for her. She only had to sew them.

Here is a progress pic of Medieval Town Mandala of this morning as I sis a bit of stitching this morning. The white on the most right side and the white in the house I am busy with now.

Also discovered that I can read french better than my mother who has studied french for some years. She wanted a quilt kit from france, but couldn't figure out how it worked and I done the ordering and everything ver fast. LOL and I did understand what they meant. The kit was send tuesday and it already came in today.


inge said...

you have reason to be proud of her!!!!

anneke said...

You sure are a good teacher. Your mother have golden hands, just like you.
have a nice stitching time with MTM.

KarenV said...

Your mother's quilt is gorgeous Judith. Congratulations to you both and to your Dad for helping with the cutting.

MTM is looking great too - I'm enjoying watching the progress of this one.

Karen's Blog said...

Wow Judith, MTM is just gorgeous!!! I am so jealous of your progress. I really hope to have caught up by the end of March.

Your Mum's quilt is fabulous:)