Monday, March 13, 2006

Not much to report

I have had a busy day on work and I am very tired now. I have stitched on NHA, but than I could rip out half of what I had stitched, because I was stitching with the wrong color.
LOL I think Carol will report also some frogging on her blog as she used two wrong colors. I saw one of them and she found herself the other one. And than Karen who probaly will have to frog also because she started on the wrong side. Boy we girls are some froggers today.
Also started on the next charityquilt and I think it will be lovely when finished. Am using another pattern for it again.


Carol said...

Frogging complete - I hope!!! Sorry to hear you had the froggie visiting today too! Ugh!

Karen's Blog said...

I know what you mean about all teh frogging Judith. I think you, Carol and I must be jinxed. LOL.

Your quilts are lovely. I am also a quilter and will share soem of my quilts soon in my Blog:)

anneke said...

We can say it was not a good day to stitch. but today is probably a great stitching day!