Saturday, March 04, 2006

MTM part 6 and some migraines

I am very busy working on part 6 of MTM and it getting now a real city. The first two houses are ready. I am now busy with the next houses, but before I could do the backstitching I first have to do the specialty stitches and that I am doing now. This part isn't very big and I think I will be finished with it somewhere half way this week, maybe sooner.
I haven't been much online as I always have migraines due to snowfall. The weren't heavy, but heavy enough to not want to sit behind the computer. I will try to get up to date with all my e-mails this weekend.
Tonight we are going out for diner to an very exclusive restaurant for both our birthdays as my DH has his birthday next monday (march 6th).
Now I am going of the computer again to stitch some more on this part.


valda said...

Gorgeous, Judith! I'm enjoying watching your progress on this.

Carol said...

Looks great! We have to stitch all the way across the top, right? YOus ay you will be done in just a few short days - it works up that quickly? Excellent! I hope to finish Mystery IX today, and it will be nice to know that MTM won't eat up all the rest of my stitching time for this month!!

So sorry to hear about your migraines... can you stitch with migraines?

The Dragon said...

Wow Judith! it looks as though you will have this finished in no time! and congratulations on the March stamp it as well :-)

The Dragon

Vikki said...

This piece is looking great. Congrates on all your finishes last month. The Stamp It project is going to be adorable.

Heather said...

WOW MTM looks stunning Judith. I can't stitch with migraines either, I had a really bad one the other day and ended up dozing on the settee, whilst my 3 year old watched DVD's.