Friday, March 17, 2006

Sorry I was a bit quiet

But like I said last post I am not feeling great. I am surviving, but some days it costs a lot of energy.

Today I had the car as my DH all of suuden had to look at the car of my colleague as it was acting strange. So I thought if I have the quilttop finished by this morning I can go and shop for some backing and stuffing and so I did. Lucky for me I always have the thursday afternoon off. This morning I only had to put on the sides. In the squares with nothing I am going to quilt some celtic knots.

Than I finished tody the 18th block of Nature's Home Afghan. Still 12 to go. I think I will start the next one today or I will stitch on sheperd's Roll from Sheperd's Bush.


Carol said...

Hi Judi,
I hope you feel better and are back to your old self again really soon!!

Vikki said...

I'm glad your feeling good enough to stitch now. The little bird is adorable and your quilt looks fabulous as usual. I'm sure all of the recipiants are very greatful for all of your work.


Barbara said...

I hope you'll soon feel fully recovered. This nasty bug that's going around right now seems to take longer than normal to get over. Good luck!

vEr0n!c@ said...

Hope you get well soon. Your quilts looks great. Wish I know how to quilt. The bird is cute!

Nancy's Needlin' News said...

Lovely, lovely bird afghan square, as your stitching always is, but take care of yourself, my little Smokey friend!