Saturday, July 01, 2006

And here is my mothers and update purr-turbed

And here is the one my mother made on the workshop.

And here is another time mine.

Yesterday was very hectic due to work and the bbq. I had to work 4 hours and than I would get the meat and fish for the bbq, but that all worked out totally different. In the morning my boss cut herself in her finger vey horrible on one of the machines and had to go to the ER on first floor of our building ASAP ( we are on the fourth floor). One of our doctors went with her and stayed with her all the time. Than I alreaady had something like well I think I have to stay a little bit longer as work was already hectic before she cut herself. So I called John that he had to get the meat and fish on it's own as I didn't have time. So he did that and than he called again around 3 am if I would ever come home before my colleagues. Well I than said probaly I will, but not a lot. At the end I worked 8 hours and was home just 15 minutes before the rest and even got to take a fast shower. So you can see it was a very hectic day and I really planned to do everything and than go and work on purr-turbed and maybe almost finish the crosses, but with everything that didn't happen. Now he has to wait this month till part 10 of MTM is finished and my scissorfob exchange So that is why I took a pic of him now, to let everybody see how far I already am.

Tonight we will have a bbq with the neighbors behind us from all the leftovers from yesterday as we could borrow their chairs. Also the weather was working with us for the first year in the three times we already organized it as we had some beautifull weather. I have now a bit of a cold, but hope it stays that way and not get worse.

Today I also looked a bit around the blogs to find some more quilting blogs through the blog of Shelina and I found some really pretty ones. I really found out I am still a beginner on the quilts, eventhough I am already quilting for 3 years now.


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wauw die van je moeder vind ik ook erg mooi!

groetjes jacq

Jenneke said...

I love purrr-turbed. The backstitching is going to make it come alive, really! Your mother's quilt looks beautiful.