Friday, July 07, 2006

Finished purr-turbed and update

I just finished this one late last night very late as I wanted to have it finished when I started the backstitching. I must say that I love the charts, but that backstitching is hard to do. Really a lot of counting, but as you see it looks really great, it makes the design come alive.
Next in line to do for my stitching goals is start and finish the scissorfob for the scissorfobexchange at the rotation BB. It has to be send the 1st of august, but I want to make sure it will be on time finished. So when I start today it will be probaly also be finished today.

About the questions to come and clean at all your houses. No sorry, I still have some other rooms to clean before tomorrowafternoon also because my dad will stay for a few days longer to paint the outside of our house. We have it now blue with cream and it will be darkred with cream when he is finished.
Also I wanted to show you a quilt start I made last month, but didn't have time to make a pic yet. I still have a lot to do on this one. It is a quilt for charity and will look the same as the flower one from last month, but now with this woman from all over the world. Same fabrics will be used, but with this one I will maybe add a border at the end. Just have to see, how it will work out in the end.
Yesterday I also worked on "It's summertime"mysteriequilt and finished 4 more boats. Now only 12 more to go, but first I have to go and cut some fabrics for them for the sails and the sky. When they are all done and put together I will post a pic again. And after that I can start part 2. I decided I hate paperpiercing, but well it looks good, so I will have to get over it. For the big mysterie I also have to do 32 little rows of triangles also with paperpiercing.


Jenneke said...

It's so cute Judith!

quiltpixie said...

the cat is so funny. The preprinted pieces in the chairty quilt are interesting too. Hope you enjoy your visit with your dad

Concetta said...

Purr-turbed is very cute! I need to stitch one of those cats one of these days. :) Your craft room is looking great.

Liesbeth said...

Whaaaa, zo reageer ik ook op een spin.... niet op een muis.

Groetjes Liesbeth

Barbara said...

Great work!!

Heather said...

What a cute finish.