Sunday, July 09, 2006

I didn't do anything,..

, but some other people did do a lot. Like I told maybe a few months ago I learned my mother patchwork and quilting last autumn. Here is another quilts she is making since than. She is now busy getting the lines on it for quilting and after that she can start. She took it with her as we have a glasstable and with a light beneath it she could draw the lines very easily. With ordering this kit I learned some french again, I had it 4 years on school, but it was one of my worst classes. I had to order it in France and my mother couldn't understand it even after having 8 years of French. It worked out well and she started it in May. She has done the patchwork by machine, but the applique by hand and it looks very good.

Than I send Loes some embroidered stitching to make into a comfortquilt for Petra, who is sick and here is what she made of it. I have to say I really love it.
Even the back looks great.I haven't quilted or stitched as I was busy with my mother and father. Today we had a horsecontest a few km's from here and my mother was the jury there. So I went with her to be her secretary.
Tonight I am going to work on "It's summertime".


inge said...

lovely quilts!

quiltpixie said...

hope you were able to enjoy the horses.

Barbara said...

Very beautiful quilts!!

Shelina said...

You know that multilevel marketing - where you convince other people to do the selling, and they convince other people to do the selling - and the top person gets the most because they get a little bit from everyone? Well you win the prize for inspiring so many other quilters.

Shelleen said...

the quilts look great!

Katrina said...

That would be great if you could join in next's months needleroll stitchalong, the more the merrier!

also, thank you for the offer of the Sweetheart Tree charts when you are finished with them,that would be great :)

happy stitching, Katrina in New Zealand