Saturday, July 29, 2006

snapperland series

I would like to thank everyone that has looked at my blog and has make comments through my blog, I always love reading them.

I am busy stitching spring snapperland. This is a pic of thursdays and yesterdays progress.

I just was to lazy to make a pic yesterday. I hope to finish the border and little frames today, but that depends on a lot of things, because when the weather stays like this I also will go and work on the mysteriequilt, but when it gets warm again I won't quilt, but only stitch.

I like these snapperlandseries a lot. I am already looking forward to seeing how Summer and autumn will turn out. I like the house on summer so far. First I wanted to start that one, but as I am missing two colors of WDW/GAST and on the border chart wasn't the DMC equivalent I decided to than stitch spring first.

Yesterday I became a member of Robin's nest and decided to join the Crazy cat lady exchange, which is about cats and it sounds really fun, my brain is already doing overtime for that one to think about something for it.

Yesterday I send also out my scissorfobexchange for rotation BB and hope the one who gets it will be happy with it. It doesn't have to travel a long time, but you never know what happens in the mail.

Yesterday I also got an request from Jeannette Douglas to look at her new website and look if I could find any bugs. My topiaries are also on the new website so that makes me happy to see it there. I am still deciding which design of her to stitch next. I thing it will be one in the take time series or one of the canadian journey designs. Will look at them in september when MTM is finished. I am already busy deciding my goals for August and decided to not do that many quilting goals as they prenounced some more heatwaves for august.

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Linda_J said...

Busy girl! I have to agree that quilting in hot weather is a chore. I do it but it but long for the handwork. Even knitting is a hot chore when it is 90 and humid as all get out.