Monday, July 31, 2006

Some questions and Goals for july and august

Thanks that I could join stashquilts. I am iin a thinking fase for a really stashquilt, I have received a mysterie FQ serie earlier this months, see here and am figuring out what to do with them, also want to do with some other fabrics in my stash, so will have to go and think harder these next days.
Than some questions that were asked:

Karin, yes I did chose the colors myself, but they had kits for this mysterie and I loved these colors the best. So picked out of a few kits.

Forest Jane, it will be around 78"square when finished or 2 by 2 meters. A HEAD chart is a chart for stitching from Heaven and Eart designs

Well my stitching goals went pretty well, but my quilting goals not so.
Here are the results
Goals for July:
1. Finish part 1 from It's Summertime - Done
2. Finish part 2 from It's Summertime - Half way done
3. Finish part 3 from It's Summertime - Not started yet
4. Finish part 7 of mysteriequilt - done
5. Finish Hiskequilt - Just 15% done of the top
6. Finish Yvonnequilt - Was to hot to quilt
1. Finish Purr-Turbed Done
2. Stitch on Colonial garden Done
3. Finish Victoria City Sampler Done
4. Finish part 10 of MTM Done
5. Finish my fob exchange for rotation stitchers Done and on it's way
6. Finish June stamp-it Done
Also finished July and August stamp-it and started spring snapperland

Goals for August
Quilting: 1. Finish part 8 of mysteriequilt
2. Finish part 2 of summertimequilt
3. Finish top of Hiskequilt
4. Finish Gerardquilt (depends on the weather)
5. Finish Yvonnequilt (depends on the weather)

1. Finish part 11 of MTM
2. Finish Spring snapperland
3. Finish seedback exchange for rotation stitchers bb
4. Start Crazy cat lady exchange
5. Finish Animal shelf
6. If animal shelf is finished start little red hiding hood


Bonnie said...

It is nice to see some counted cross-stitch among the quilting. I too do counted cross-stitch. I'm going to think about posting goals too - maybe it will help me move forward more steadily. Thanks for sharing your goals and stories.

quiltpixie said...

wow. you made great progress on meeting your goals... :-)

Marcie said...

Hi! Are you new to the Stash ring? Welcome! If you are looking for ideas for using your stash, you have come to the right place. The quilters in this ring have tons of neat ideas! They always inspire me. Your needlework is amazing! I love all you little stamp projects.

Carol said...

Hi Judi - I bet you finish this part of MTM before I even pick it up later this week to stitch it - LOL!!!

Susan said...

Gosh, you actually set goals. What a concept! I usually just grab the next piece of fabric and go! I ought to try it your way. =)