Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Hot hot hot

It is really hot here in the Netherlands and I managed to get a cold :-( I have big trouble breathing, but hopefully it will be gone soon. It looks like it will cooldown tomorrow and than thursday som more.
I have been stitching on MTM part 10 and it goes very fast, I almost have the second corner finished and that only in one day as saturday and sunday I didn't have much time to stitch. I hope to make a pic this afternoon from both the corners and than maybe tomorrow also the other two will be finished.
Today I also have said goodbye to my sewing machine, I sold it to someone and a friend of mine is making sure it will arrive there as the new owner doesn't live close to me, but my friend does. So she will pic it up at John his work as that is a lot easier to explain than my home. The new job of John is a nice one. Just have to get used to that he goes to his job very late and comes home very early. He has 2 hours of more time for his own.
Yesterday I got part 9 of the mysteriequilt and wow it is a bog star we have to make for that one. It is a star with 12 points and about 60 cm big. Hope to work on that quilt this weekend when it gets a lot cooler. Now it is just to hot to sit in my sewingroom.


Sew-in-Love said...

It's hot here in the UK too, Judith. Loved your work and your mum's!=)

Groetjes, Elisabeth=)

jacq said...

doe het maar rustig aan met je verkoudheid, ik heb ook zo last vd warmte o.a door de hooikoorst.
blehhh, ben zo benieuwd naar de ster die je moet gaan maken

groetjes jacq

quiltpixie said...

Sorry you're feeling under the weather. I often get summer colds and other breathing difficulties -- gross as it sounds I live for lots of garlic in warm milk... Hope it clears up soon and you're feeling a little better.

Barbara said...

So sorry you got a cold - I'm sure that's not fun in this stifiling heat we've been having!