Saturday, July 08, 2006

What is it?

Is it that MTM for this month is already out of the way or what that I am in a finishing mood at the moment. Yesterday I finished the fob for the exchange, only have to make it into a fob, but that will happen this week. I loved stitching it, but that can be as it was from one of my favorite designers and I know it is also a favorite as far as I can see from the receiver of this.
Also yesterday I came very far on "It's summertime", I don't think I will have time to work on it today or tomorrow, but hopefully I can finish it monday. It really looks good. But before my mother comes I will clean my desk again, so that she can't say anything about that.
Here is what it will look like, but there still have to be corners at the botton with light and dark blue.
Today I will work on Victoria city sampler again and hope to get that one finished next week some day. Not that much to do on it anymore, so I am sure I will do my best on it. Also I made up the present for a friend that has her birthday this month and I hope to send it of on it's voyage.
Yesterday my package from the silverneedle finally arrived. It took almost 2 months to arrive. I guess it took a very slow boat.But I am happy now and now can start my snappervilles. Just have to order the last two spring charts in the next months somewhere when I have time and money to do that.


quiltpixie said...

sounds like you're getting lots of "bits" done. The sailboats look great. The blue is just right...

Shelina said...

While you are in a finishing mood, you should drop everything else and finish stuff. Pixie has all her UFOs done.

Mary said...

I love the kitty, he is cute! Your mom does beautiful like you!