Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Progress and stash

I haven't been much around, but that is because my father is here. I have done a lot of patchwork these last days and finished part 1 of "It's summertime"mysteriequilt just a few minutes ago. I love how these boats look. Now I have to go and work on part 2 which are a I believe 24 windmills and I have to cut a lot of pieces for all of them, so first will be cutting and after that sewing. So I think maybe to finish them this weekend. I think I am goig great on my goals this month. Only stitchingwise I am getting behind as I haven't stitched since my latest finish. Was thinking of starting on June stamp-it in a minute.
Today I got the kit from Keepsakequilting I ordered for my colleague, which won't be for her, but for my neighbour. She is also pregnant and her due date is december 2. My colleague is december 5 and I will make her a nice thing to for the maxicozi or something like that. With that package I also got a mysterie medley and you can see it in the pic. So looks like I will have to make something christmas.
Also yesterday I go spring stitches in the mail, I am on a automatic programm for her on a LNS so as soon as a new chart comes out it comes flying to me.


quiltpixie said...

sounds like the mail at your place is much more interesting than my bills :-)

Shelina said...

It is always nice to get fun things in the mail. I have bills and junk mail. The boats are cute.

Barbara said...

Those sail boats are fantastic! What a cool quilt!! Love your stash haul, too!