Thursday, March 30, 2006

How have I done on my March Goals and what will be my aprilgoals

I know that I am early to end this month, but as I will leave early for the quilting retreat tomorrow and won;t post probaly till monday again I thought let's post this already today. Hope someone will read this as I didn;t get any comments on my previous posts :-(
1. Finish Nature's Homa afghan square 18 done
2. Finish part 6 of Medieval Town Mandala done
3. Finish Maudiquilt done
4. Finish Chennaquilt done
5. Start Gerardquilt done and the top is finished
6. Finish part 4 and 5 of the Mysteriequilt haven't done this, but will do that this weekend.
7. Finish sheperd's needlerol done
If I have time left:
8. Start and Finish April atamp-it done only not finished yet, maybe in the time I have left today and tomorrow
9. Stitch another block of NHA done not finished
Extra things I have done this month are:
10. Started Micaquilt and finished the top.
11. Quilted a little roselogcabinquilt for a friend
12. Worked on my autumnquilt.

1. Finish part 4, 5 and 6 of the mysteriequilt
2. Finish the Gerardquilt
3. Finish the Micaquilt
4. Start a new quilt
5. Finish the top of my autumnquilt

1. Start a Jeannette Douglas
2. Start Colonial garden from LTD in the LTD SAL
3. Finish April stamp-it

When I have time left:
1. Only if I feel like stitching it stitch on Medieval Town Mandala. No I don;t hate it. It is just now my thing to stitch so slow on something so maybe I will do part 7 and 8 in may, part 9 and 10 in july and part 11 and 12 in september. Just an idea for myself not sure yet how it will work out.
2. Finish NHA 19 and maybe start and finish NHA 25(which is a part of the tree)

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

A great stash day

I am a happy woman at the moment. I got some nice stash in the mail from Jeannette Douglas. Some of her exclusives and I just love them all. I already decided yesterday to stitch one of her in the next weekes, just no clue yet which, bu now it is even more difficult LOL.
Yesterday I haven't been mush on-line due to a very bad migraine, but today was a lot better, only just a light headache. Due to the headache I didn't finish the block of NHA yet, but started april stamp-it. Tonight is again my favorite tv-night, so I will watch Desperate housewives and Gray's Anatomy so a lot of stitching can be done.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Busy busy busy

I am in a patching mood at the moment. This autumnquilt from Timbleberries I had bought as a kit when we were in Canada almost 2 years ago. It was 40% off and I just loved the look of it. I already started it october first, but than got sideattracked. I had finished the pumpkins already and a few of the leaves. Today I worked on all the leaves and put together the first part. It is not finished yet as there will be some borders added. It will be laying over the chair in our livingroom when it is done.
Today I heard that my litle quilt I finished last weekend arrived at Lyne her place and I am glad that she likes it a lot.
Now I am busy stitching on the block 19 of NHA whih I hope will be finished this week before I go on my quiltingretreat.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

A quilttop finish and an update on NHA

Today I decided I would make the last comfort quilttop I had to make (after this one we are totally up to date with the quilts). So I sewed the whole afternoon and it was finished a few minutes ago. Now I have to get backing fabric and fiberfill to go and quilt it. I hope to go shopping this week as I would like to send it ASAP.
Than also an update on my block 19 of NHA. It is a very filled block, but I am coming there very slowly. Hope it will be finished this week too.
Today my order from webfabrics came in and I just have been rolling in my fabrics. Boy they are beautifull.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Still alive!!

Yes I know I have been very silent, but I had some hectic days and also sunday and monday I almost couldn;t sit behind the computer due to shoulder problems. Tuesday was already better, but to much on the tv. Yesterday just was to tired to sit long behind the computer, but today I am back. I always have to work for half a day on thursdays since a few months and I have to say I just love it. I have now always a very long weekend as I always have friday off too and I finally can rest enough in the weekends. Next weekend will even be longer as I will have also on monday off due to my quiltingretreat.
This weekend I hope to finish block 19 of Nature's Home Afghan. Also hope to do a lot on my mysteriequilt and maybe work on my autumnquilt too.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

I am spoiledand a finish

Today I finished sheperd's roll from Sheperd's Bush. First I didn;t have the lace on it, but it looked better with it. So I did sew it on by the end. So now al my little started projects are ready and I can work on the big pictures now. Also got a little quilt finished today, but can't show a pic yet.

When I woke up this morning around 9 I finally felt rested again. I had a long and very sleepfull night. Than I stayed in bed for almost another hour to read a little book I have and so I feel now really rested LOL. While I was reading I hurt the mailman drop something through the mailbox, but I didn't feel the need to run downstairs.
Later when I came downstairs I found this package on my doorstep from Josey for my birthday. I just love that snowman chart and the linen she put in to the package. I am not a big fan of Dimensions, but maybe I will stitch it for my mother.
Than when I came home I saw the mailman still in our area and when he grabbed in his bikebags I saw a orange envelope beneath the pile and as we are most times the last house he visits due to where our house is situated in the street (we have a very difficult street, where there is no logic of how the houses are numbered. LOL we even had newspaper boys ask her where number ... was in the street and we would even had a hard time to tell them) So when he came at our house he dropped the orange envelope in our mailbox and it was from Lyne who has adopted me. I just love the package she made me and I am sure that I will use the fabrics she send me.
I also got me some nice stash. I just ordered some nice fabrics and a pattern at webfabrics that I just loved. I will keep it a secret as I am making it for a friend of mine and I know she is reading my blog every day.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Sorry I was a bit quiet

But like I said last post I am not feeling great. I am surviving, but some days it costs a lot of energy.

Today I had the car as my DH all of suuden had to look at the car of my colleague as it was acting strange. So I thought if I have the quilttop finished by this morning I can go and shop for some backing and stuffing and so I did. Lucky for me I always have the thursday afternoon off. This morning I only had to put on the sides. In the squares with nothing I am going to quilt some celtic knots.

Than I finished tody the 18th block of Nature's Home Afghan. Still 12 to go. I think I will start the next one today or I will stitch on sheperd's Roll from Sheperd's Bush.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Lucky for me the green creature is gone and I have done some good stitching today. I am just to tired to go downstairs to take a pic of the block. The nest is almost finished and than only the bird is left to do.
Also I am busy with the next charityquilt. I have to do 16 blocks for that one and the first one is finished.
I am going to have my period some time this week and boy I feel it. I have no energy at all, a big headache and I want to cry all day.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Not much to report

I have had a busy day on work and I am very tired now. I have stitched on NHA, but than I could rip out half of what I had stitched, because I was stitching with the wrong color.
LOL I think Carol will report also some frogging on her blog as she used two wrong colors. I saw one of them and she found herself the other one. And than Karen who probaly will have to frog also because she started on the wrong side. Boy we girls are some froggers today.
Also started on the next charityquilt and I think it will be lovely when finished. Am using another pattern for it again.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

2 finishes and got rid of an quilt UFO!!

I have been busy quilting today. This are two charityquilts for two sisters, so that is why the fabrics look a like. I thought that was a nice idea. For the light version I already showed the top, but the dark version I finished the top friday and today I have done the quilting and binding on both.
So I have 3 goals finished now, on to the next one. The block of Nature's Home Afghan is also almost finished. Probaly a pic tomorrow.

About the UFO: I was quilting already very long on this one quilt. It will be a pillow when finished. But I couldn't do the quilting on it very long as after 10 stitches my hand would hurt terrible due to the stiff fabric and filling. Yesterday my parents were here and my mother asked if I had something to quilt for her nd I said yes I have that pillow still to finish, but my hand hurts when I work on that. So now my mother will finish the quilting and I only have to make it in a pillow when I get that back. I have the same kit in blue, but I will do that one by machine also the quilting.

I only stitched yesterday like 10 crosses, so no pic of Nature's Home Afghan.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Finished MTM part 6

I just finished the 6th part of MTM. I had to do some retro stitching as not all the instructions of the specialty stitches are correct, but I think it looks great. Now I am going to bed as I am very tired.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Do you have an organizational system for your patterns? If so, how do you organize them? If not, have you considered organizing them?

Yes I have them organized. I have them all in a excell file and they are in 3 big boxes and the box numbers are also in the excell file. They are on alphabatical designer order.

I am so proud of my mother

I just got a picture of this quilt. Am I a good teacher or what? She has done some small ones already, but this will be the quilt on their bed.
By the way she is smokey the second as she made this one in two weeks. It was done together with my dad who did cut all the fabrics for her. She only had to sew them.

Here is a progress pic of Medieval Town Mandala of this morning as I sis a bit of stitching this morning. The white on the most right side and the white in the house I am busy with now.

Also discovered that I can read french better than my mother who has studied french for some years. She wanted a quilt kit from france, but couldn't figure out how it worked and I done the ordering and everything ver fast. LOL and I did understand what they meant. The kit was send tuesday and it already came in today.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

And some more progress

This will be not a long post as I am very tired. Work was very busy and I was planning to watch "Greys anatomy", but I am just to tired to stay up for another hour, so we taped it.

I have finished the stitching on the middle house, also the specialty stitches and the backstitching.

Monday, March 06, 2006

A bit of progress in MTM

I have been stitching today on medieval town mandala and I have a bit progress to report. The cross stitching on the middle house is almost done and than I have to do the backstitching and the specialty stitches in this one.

Work was busy today and with all the snow around my headache was bad since late last night. But this evening it is a bit better.

Carol yes I do have problems with my sinusses sometimes a lot.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Yes my phoneline is finally working

Today I stitched a lot on MTM, this is also some progress of yesterday, but as I was strugling with my phoneline a big part of the afternoon and was gone all evening. I had finished the specialty stitches and was busy with all the beckstitching. Now I am busy with the middle house and I have now to fill the most with the same color and than I have to do some black for the windows and specialty stitches. The roof of this one has a lot of backstitching in it and than I have to do the same building that are on the left also on the right of the big building.

Also here is a the start on block 18 of NHA on which I have worked the 1st of this month. I will go further with this block after MTM is finished somewhere this week.

I don't know if I told you all, but my phoneline had some problems since janaury 9. It was disconnecting every 15 minutes, so really good e-mailing wasn't for me as after sending a few e-mails I had to connect again and that with DSL. The phonecompany came one day and after they did some changes to the cable it was better for 2 hours after that we had the same problems again. It was really a big frustration. The phone does it ok, but the one to the modem was very bad. So yesterday we decided to get a wireless modem to not have that long cable between it anymore and boy it works great again. No problems at all and it is also a lot faster again.

Carol about your question if I can stitch with the Migraines. No I can't, but they aren't here the whole time. They appear when the snow will going to fall in less than a hour and will go away after the snowfall is over. So most of the time they are only here for less than a hour as we don't have much snowfall here.

Here is a pic of a charityquilt from the group I am organizing that a quilter of our group has put together it will go to the new owner tomorrow.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

MTM part 6 and some migraines

I am very busy working on part 6 of MTM and it getting now a real city. The first two houses are ready. I am now busy with the next houses, but before I could do the backstitching I first have to do the specialty stitches and that I am doing now. This part isn't very big and I think I will be finished with it somewhere half way this week, maybe sooner.
I haven't been much online as I always have migraines due to snowfall. The weren't heavy, but heavy enough to not want to sit behind the computer. I will try to get up to date with all my e-mails this weekend.
Tonight we are going out for diner to an very exclusive restaurant for both our birthdays as my DH has his birthday next monday (march 6th).
Now I am going of the computer again to stitch some more on this part.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Finished Mrach stamp it and Mrach Goals

I finished the March stamp it last night and started on block 18 from NHA. But I just got the next part in of MTM, so I will first start stitching and finishig that one, but maybe I will also do a bit on NHA.
I was going to Den Bosch tomorrow for the mysterie, but we have lots of snow here and I don;t think it is save to drive that far.
Now on to my goals for March:
1. Finish Nature's Homa afghan square 18
2. Finish part 6 of Medieval Town Mandala
3. Finish Maudiquilt
4. Finish Chennaquilt
5. Start Gerardquilt
6. Finish part 4 and 5 of the Mysteriequilt
7. Finish sheperd's needlerol
If I have time left:
8. Start and Finish April atamp-it
9. Stitch another block of NHA